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With The Loving swaddles for babies Blanket

Step One:

Spread blanket and place your baby in the middle, up high, with his head touching the top edge.

Step Two:

Pull the left side of the swaddles for babies blanket snugly in a diagonal direction across your baby’s body. Make sure his right arm is wrapped close to his body. Securely tuck the blanket under his bottom.

swaddles for babies

Step Three:

Bring the bottom of the blanket up and fold the edge over as much as needed to adjust for size (as your baby grows, you will be folding over less). Then pull the right corner of the blanket across your baby’s body, securing his left arm near his body and tuck the blanket under his bottom.

Step Four:

There will be two remaining flaps. For a secure bundle, tuck the flaps under baby’s back between the two fabrics or tie the flaps to make a beautiful bow.

Important Tips:

Place baby on flat, firm surface to sleep. The room temperature where your baby sleeps should be comfortable for a lightly dressed adult (67-72 F). If your baby seems too warm, dress him/her in a diaper and the Loving Baby Swaddle Blanket only.

Hotel Coral Fleece Blankets, 100-Percent Polyester, Marine Blue, King

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Best Swaddling Blankets Overview

Choosing the best baby swaddling blanket for your newborn can be a bit tricky at first, but heeding the advice of other parents and trying out various swaddling blankets to find what your baby likes can help reduce your baby’s fussiness and help prevent costly mistakes in the long run.

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