Why is Voice Dubbing Important in Translation Industry?

Why is Voice Dubbing Important in Translation Industry?

As we can see, translation and interpretation services have been becoming a must-have in the global business industry and for academic, governmental and legal purposes as well. Now or then, there must come a time where you will need translation services for legal purposes. 

Voice dubbing is another key branch of translations that is vividly used in interpreting video content in different languages as per requirement. Video content in this digital age is the most effective way of global communication, getting an audience and delivering any kind of information, be it academic or legal information, around the world. 

In this blog, we will be getting to know what is voice dubbing and why it is so important, so let’s get started!

What is voice dubbing? 

First of all, we’ll look into what Voice dubbing actually is? Voice dubbing is basically audio and visual translations that include the translation of audio/video content from one language to another. It is a process that requires the ingenuity of different professionals and one of these many professionals is a voice actor.

Voice naming is when a client wants their content to be translated into another language but instead of using subtitles; they want a real spoken audio track. The voice recording process is very time-consuming and complicated than it may appear. On average, it takes one hour of studio recording time for five minutes of narration (UN-style voice-over) and more if you want a lip-syncing massage. 

The new sound is recorded by high-quality voice actors who not only fluently in another language but can bring it with a professional rhythm and time to match the original sound as closely as possible. When a new sound is recorded, it takes time to clear the voice track and adjust the audio levels, etc.

Voice dubbing in different fields:

As digital communication is increasing, voice dubbing is getting a predominant place in many industries and fields. Dubbing is very familiar with the audience as a way to translate foreign-language films into the language of the audience. When another language is called, the translation of the first dialogue is carefully compared to the movement of the lips of the characters in the film. 

Combined audio tracks are rarely commensurate with the artistic quality of foreign language audio tracks, however, so subtitles may be preferred by viewers as a way to understand conversation in foreign films. Some of the outstanding fields that use voice processing are

Voice dubbing in different
  • Voice dubbing in advertisement marketing

Contrary to other marketing channels such as visual ads and podcasts, video content attracts the audience’s attention with its powerful features – movement and audio. Video content is one of the most engaging – it has the power to strike a connection and cause an emotional response. Used properly, the video makes the information easy to translate in a short time, so communication is very effective our site

This can ultimately lead to increased product recognition. Like any other company that extends beyond home borders, the goal is recognition and prosperity in its new location. In the UAE, in particular, there are nine major languages ​​spoken. That is, multilingual content translation is provided – businesses customize local content from text to video content with consideration of the new local language and language.

A full 73% of online users are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a related video. Therefore, localization of video content should not only engage with the audience but also bring in an inclusive customer experience. It is one of the best ways to increase your sales.

  • Voice dubbing in Films and Documentaries

Almost in all types of films, voiceovers are widely used to convey frames, tell stories, and provide deep insight into the minds of the characters. They help the visual structure of the film to create greater audience interaction and impact by evoking emotions and providing clarity. 

Although the film does not target foreign language audiences, voice-overs are used to fill gaps in interviews and documentaries, often conveying interesting or important points. This creates continuity when it comes to delivering a full message or bringing an account to its logical conclusion.

  • Voice dubbing for educational lectures

The digital world of the internet has opened the door to many opportunities, and the education industry is taking advantage of this platform. Learning is now easily accessible through the rise of free resources and online courses. In fact, even as universities are beginning to adopt this practice, many are developing an online curriculum for their programs. 

People become more involved when something personal is involved – in this case, voice talent. Involving readers, voice-over also provides visual context assurance and helps people better understand the information presented.

  • Voice dubbing in news packages 

Journalism is the biggest and most important industry that can make or break powers. Different news packages are dubbed from native languages to English or to from native languages to deliver the news and information to the global public. 

This helps in addressing the issue to the world. It is a very common practice to dub important interviews, be it of victims or personalities, into different languages. 


The world being a digital global village where marketing, film industry, education or anything just name it, nothing is restricted inside borders. Everything is now universal, as services and products go global, voice-dubbing is a critical element for anyone promoting video and audio content. 

Audio content delivers the message effectively and efficiently, gives a better customer experience, and increases sales. Positioning your contributions locally with the voice of short-term spoken technology and cultural barriers can hinder your ability to measure across many nations.

As video content becomes more and more popular, Voice dubbing, interpretation and translation services are becoming more and more important. It is always recommended that you go to professional voice dubbing and translation services agencies to get your job done without any hassle or errors. There are many companies in the UAE that offer great services.

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