Why bamboo organic children’s clothing is a great choice

Why bamboo organic children’s clothing is a great choice

Why bamboo organic children’s clothing is the way to go

Bamboo clothing is emerging as a popular alternative to cotton, and there are 6 main reasons why those bamboo fibres lend themselves so well to producing quality children’s clothing. The facts are there, and if you try some bamboo clothing for yourself then you will enjoy all those benefits. The 6 key advantages include:

organic cotton clothing
organic cotton clothing

1.Super soft feeling

Bamboo compares to cotton as cashmere compares to wool. The clothing feels soft and hangs loosely over the skin, with an attractive shine that resembles silk, but with greater durability.

2.Antibacterial properties

Research conducted in India concluded that bacteria doesn’t thrive in bamboo fabric. This means there will be less harmful bacteria close to your child’s skin, and bamboo clothing will not get smelly as quickly as cotton.

3.UV resistance

Bamboo fabric blocks 97.5% of those harmful UV rays from the sunshine, meaning your child’s skin will not be exposed to damage during those blistering summer days.

4.Easy on skin

Bamboo fabric is gentle to allergy-prone skin. It also resists the build-up of static charges, so it sits comfortably against the skin of young children.

5.Moisture wicking

Bamboo fabric is known to absorb moisture away from the skin, so your child will be kept drier to avoid discomfort from damp skin.

6.Thermal control

Bamboo fabric will keep you warm, thanks to the hollow microfibres from the wood-like composition. It is also breathable, so temperature is well regulated.

Supporting the use of organic bamboo clothing is a great way to help the environment too. It grows extremely fast and will yield the same amount of usable fibre as cotton from only a tenth of the land area. It flourishes without the need for chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers, and it is 100% biodegradable. Very little water is needed to grow bamboo, and it does little or no damage to the soil it grows in.

Bamboo clothing is a great way to promote health and comfort in your children, whilst simultaneously supporting the cause of those who push for greater environmental protection. If you care about your child’s health, and you care about the environment, then organic cotton clothing made with bamboo fibres is a no-brainer. At Tilly & Jasper, we have a great range of bamboo clothing for you to browse, so get on board and enjoy the benefits of organic children’s clothing for yourself.

Source: https://www.tillyandjasper.co.uk/blogs/news/why-bamboo-organic-childrens-clothing-is-the-way-to-go

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