Importance of Indian Mehandi Designs

Importance of Indian Mehandi Designs

The art of Mehndi is originated from Asia and Africa and now it is very popular in west also due to its long lasting stain and available in wide variety of beautiful designs as well as it also have health benefits. Applying mehndi is a very prominent part of both Indian Mehandi Designs for Hands as it is a custom during any celebration in India. Most of the women are likely to apply mehndi as it beautifies their hands and feet and it gives traditional look to the Indian females. From creation to making people are used to apply mehndi as a custom and this tradition has not lost its significance.

In order to make the henna you have to dry the henna leaves and finely ground it like a powder and it must be clean two or more times through a fine nylon cloth in order to remove the coarse fibers from the powder. Then mix this fine powder with an oil such as eucalyptus, nilgiri or mehndi oil together with lemon, water or tea to make a thick paste. The artist creativity and skill helps more in designing the mehndi that looks fabulous in the hands and after the mehndi drawn, a solution of lemon juice and sugar is then applied to the drying mehndi to allow it to remain stuck to the skin and to enhance the dying process.

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If the mehndi paste residue on the skin longer then the design will last for longer, at least 4-6 hours it must be in the hands or feet and you have to remove the paste with a layer of oil or scratch it off with your fingers but avoid using water to take it off. Now there are some mehndi preservation oils also available in the stores that will protect and protect your design by apply a layer to your design frequently.

Luster Mehndi Designs is very popular henna designs which ladies wear to jazz up any occasion using colored glitter, gems or pearls to match the colors of the outfits. Everyone loves to add some glitter to Latest Indian Mehandi Designs to make apt for any special occasion like party or marriage. It is the gorgeous mehandi for evening parties which can decoration the leg and feet with pink colour beads and glitters and will be right for bride.

The above design is done neatly with golden glitter to make the mehandi model extra beauty and the floral patterns are designed with red henna which can be suitable for any occasions. Here the black colour henna has been used to garnish your hands with pink colour glitter to pinpoint and highlight the patterns.

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