Highest Rated Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Highest Rated Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

What are these new attorney-client matching services? Who are the players? What do they cost? What is the risk to me? What is the return for me? What is the buzz on them? Are they ethical as marketing for law firms? Will they save me money and are they for me? Will they get me clients I would not have otherwise?

According to Euro monitor International a market intelligence firm. In recent history consumers have been finding attorneys through word-of mouth or through the yellow pages. Often the word-of mouth advice does not deliver people to the best possible solution for their particular needs and the yellow pages is certainly not a great place to select a lawyer I am sure you would agree.

Additionally, according to the How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer consumers and small businesses currently search for legal services via the Internet every month with these numbers expected to rise to over seven million. I think you can see this is a huge market getting larger. It is imperative that attorneys understand this marketplace if for no other reasons your potential clients and clients are moving to the Internet and yellow page advertising is a dying marketing for law firm’s vehicle. Understanding attorney-client matching services is one new way to tap into this Internet marketplace.

Personal Injury Lawyer

What I will not be talking about here is attorney-listing services. Please don’t get confused between attorney-listing services and attorney-client matching services. The two majors in the attorney-listing services arena are Lawyers dot com or Find Law dot com that is used by many in marketing for law firms. With attorney marketing one might want to get a minimal listing on one or both of these two major sites. Both do drive a large amount of traffic to their sites for sure (in the millions of visitors per year). If you do get a listing then track your results carefully and see if being in the middle of a pack of listed attorneys actually does produce clients for you.

Please don’t spend more on them than the basic listing that will run about or so per month, at least until you can document results with the basic listing. Also, don’t buy your website through either of them, even if after testing you find good results, for many reasons that can be found under the Internet marketing tab on my website. One last note here, you probably don’t want to test most of the lesser attorney-listing competitors like Law Info dot com, Law Core dot com or Attorney Find dot com is my take, however if you do be sure to track your results. The rest of this article is about attorney-client matching services. View More

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