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Five Sleepsuits Baby Tips You Need To Learn Now

Most people have probably seen or heard of a nappy cake (or diaper cake as they are called in the US), but many may have been put off buying one as they can cost some serious cash! This article gives some helpful tips for making a nappy cake yourself without breaking the bank.

This article assumes that you know the basics for making a nappy cake yourself. They are not difficult Sleepsuits Baby and you don’t have to be an expert crafter to make a half-decent one. However, if you really are an absolute beginner there are many articles and videos on the internet that will show you step by step how to make one.

The cheapest version of the nappy cake is one which really is exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ – tiers of nappies to look like a cake. All you’d need to spend out for with this version is the nappies, some ribbon & a little bow for the top. Plenty of 99p shops or cheap house ware shops like Wilkinson’s will stock ribbon and if you know the gender of the baby then go for a co-coordinating color. Wide ribbon looks really nice around each tier of the cake.

Sleepsuits Baby
Sleepsuits Baby

Those same shops will often also sell a variety of artificial flowers which can look really nice – use something like a gerbera or other large flower head, on the top of the cake and stuck to the ribbon at the front of each tier. Again, you can co-ordinate the color of the flowers to the gender of the baby, or keep to creams & other neutrals if the gender is not known. These shops often also sell bath products really cheaply so stock up on bottles of body washes & shampoos as these make fantastic ‘anchors’ in the middle of the tiers of nappies to help hold the tiers together.

Another great place for a bargain is Primark. You would be seriously hard pushed to find baby clothing at a cheaper price than this. Buy bodysuits, sleepsuits & baby socks in packs and you can easily get a whole outfit for baby for under a tanner.

Try to think creatively with the items that you have, for example if you’ve bought some baby socks, Baby Sleepsuits UK instead of just putting them inside the cake between the nappies why not roll them up like little rosebuds and then pop the ends into the top of the cake to look like a little bouquet? Or if you’ve bought a pack of muslin squares and have some left over after wrapping the nappy tiers, why not fold them concertina style and lay them around the gaps between the tiers to look like icing?

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