Finding the Best of Prebiotics Supplement

Finding the Best of Prebiotics Supplement

There are many product names of Prebiotics supplement in the market today with various culture count in each pill.

However, the characteristic of the best probiotic supplement is not determined by the number of probiotics presented in each pill, but it is determined by the type probiotics, quality of probiotics, the availability of foods for the probiotics, and packaging, which can make them survive during digestive process to be in the intestines and keep the potency to fight bad bacteria and producing certain nutrients for the body.

Furthermore, the total health benefits can be seen in the other categories in this site. These benefits are supported by scientific evidence and mostly agreed by many health experts.

So, here are the characteristics of the best of probiotic supplements:

1. Type of probiotics.
2. Sources of probiotics (quality).
3. Their foods.
4. Packaging.
5. Culture counts.

You may ask, why culture counts are in the down position?


Here are the explanations

Item no 1 is a type of probiotics that indeed we need to prevent and cope with various health problems. The types of beneficial probiotics to the health can be seen in the other categories on this site.

Item 2-4 is an important factor in the survival rate of prebiotics in our intestines and their growth due to its availability in passing throughout the digestive process and abundant food supplies for their proliferation.

Therefore, it is better to consume Yogurt that usually contain 1.5 billion live culture count or probiotic cells number in each bottle but able to survive above 50% and ready to fight the bad bacteria compared with consuming 100 billion live culture count in a pill supplement but can not survive in the intestine because most of them will die when entering stomach due to gastric acid (HCL).

The next barriers causing deadly bacteria (including bad bacteria) occurs in the small intestine, especially in the Duodenum.

The release of bile and pancreatic fluids that useful to digest fat, protein and sugar also leading to the death of these bacteria.

An opportunity of these bacteria (both of good and bad bacteria) to proliferate or growth is at the middle and the end of the small intestine, that is Jejunum and Ileum.

Here, the neutralization process of intestinal contents will occur by digestive fluids along with the slow pace of intestinal content movement so the chance of proliferation of those bacteria widely opened.

However, not all probiotic supplements contain such poor culture type and low quality of culture source and food supplies.

One of them, Bowtrol Probiotics, showed their class higher than others.

While this supplement completely using 100% natural ingredients and safe from side effects and even not causing bloating, this product also able to keep their good bacteria in the pill (9 billion live culture count) staying alive in this area close to 100% against such ‘barriers’ and keep its potency due to its probiotics quality made from Lactospore.

This source of probiotics also make them (good bacteria) no more care about temperature in handling process of supplement like Yogurt and other probiotic supplement pills that should be stored in cold temperature to keep their good bacteria alive and potent, as well as certain capsule type of Bowtrol that will be destroyed 4 hours after consumption to ensure the good bacteria reach the intestine.

Furthermore, the good bacteria presented at the end of small intestine produces essential nutrients like vitamins and organic acids to be absorbed and utilized by intestinal wall and other vital organs like the liver, while also fight bad bacteria there.

Meanwhile, for the bad bacteria presented at the end of the small intestine will constitute a compound decay that will be detoxified in the liver and excreted in feces and urine.

When this compound decay is in the large amount, meaning the detoxification process is not running smoothly. As a result, most of these compounds will enter the blood and circulate throughout the body. And surely we know the outcomes. Various diseases and accelerate the aging process.

That’s why Prebiotics also referred to the “Things that make people live longer.”

All health experts agreed if the best ratio of microflora in the intestine is 80% of good bacteria and 20% of bad bacteria. This percentage based on a comparison found in infants who consume 100% of breast milk.

For the children and adults, however, this comparison is very difficult to be achieved because of dietary pattern existed today, lifestyle, and mental load in daily life (psychological factors suppresses the immune system), even to a ratio of 50:50, except for Vegetarian.

Therefore, if the probiotic supplement cannot give a high percentage of survival rate and potency in our intestine as well as food sources as vital support of their proliferation, then the outcomes will be less effective in treating or preventing various diseases.

But here is ‘the specialist’ of Bowtrol probiotics.

Besides of probiotic types contained in this supplement (such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei, and Bifidobacterim bifidium), quality of probiotics made from Lactospore; making it still alive and keep the potency due to its resistance against digestive process (gastric fluids and bile of the upper digestive tract that could kill them) and NO MORE CARE about handling process that also can decrease the survival rate and potency, this probiotic supplement also completed with food supplies or known as Prebiotics (such as Fructo-Oligosaccharides [FOS}, Mannan-Ologosaccharides, and Arabinoglacatans) to make them more powerful against bad bacteria and their functions to produce vitamins and organic acids that important for many health purposes, including brain system.

Therefore, this probiotic supplement is also known as a Symbiotic supplement, which is a combination formula between Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Meanwhile, by using probiotics made from Lactospore, this best probiotic supplement will ensure the whole probiotics content in one pill (9 billion of live culture count or probiotic cells number) close to 100% alive in the intestine and ready to fight and do their functions.

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