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Different types of Indian Sarees for the Weddings

Have you been invited to a wedding by your Indian friends? Are you thinking of what to wear on an Indian function? Sarees can be a good option as they are worn by Indian women since ancient times. Different states have different styles of draping sarees. Ladies in Maharashtra have a different style of draping saree while women in other states have their own style. You must have heard about Bengali sarees that are a peculiar style in India. They not only look elegant, but also graceful on women of all the shapes and sizes.

Nowadays, women prefer buying designer sarees that are unique designs of the leading designers in India and abroad. It would be the most gorgeous outfit for women of all the age groups. Chiffon sarees are the latest trend that look wonderful on any occasion. Lehanga sarees are the best oufit for someone who loves to wear sarees and doesn’t know how to drape it. Lehanga sarees can be slipped on and tucked in. Women do not need any help for wearing such a saree for wedding trays for indian weddings and other occasions.

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Silk and crepe sarees add style to your statement. You can look for Indian ethnic silk sarees that offer an exceptionally remarkable appearance. Don’t forget to buy ethnic jewelry with the saree. Many different types of iodized earrings, anklets, necklace, bangles, etc. are available to match with your saree. You can buy matching jewelry online and get ready for the wedding season. Many online stores sell the best jewelry. Have a look at the available options and buy the one that matches your attire.

Banarsee sarees look rich and marvelous. Such sarees come in bright colors and texture. They have heavy golden embroidery on them while some have heavy embroidery on the borders. Tant sarees are the specialty of West Bengal. They are stiffly starched cotton sarees and women wear it on Durga Puja and Kali Puja. Kanjeevaram sarees are the bridal sarees of South India. They are made from the hub of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and look similar to Banarsee silk sarees. Batik print sarees are the specialty of Gujarat. They are block printed cotton sarees that have enticing prints.

There have been many inclinations in the Indian sarees since the last few years. Women compliment pullovers and shrugs with sarees to make it look trendy and stylish. One can also buy tribal adornments or bohemian jewelry to the alluring wedding look.

Thinking of some unique return gifts for wedding for your best friend on her wedding or engagement? You can gift her a beautiful saree and make her feel special. Sarees can be gifted to women on any occasion. You can also gift Indian handicrafts from IndiaEthnix.com as they have a wide range of products to choose from. Have a look at the latest handicraft design items and pick the right one to gift to your friends and family members.

Women or fashionistas love Indian sarees as they come in vibrant colors, designs, and prints. Women prefer wearing sarees on weddings and festivals throughout the country. Different types of sarees can be bought online.

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