Advantage Of Six Sigma E-Learning Over On Site Learning

Advantage Of Six Sigma E-Learning Over On Site Learning

Business and company owners will have two main options when it comes to implementing Six Sigma training for their employees. The first option is to bring in a person or persons to the company for on-site Six Sigma training and the second option is to offer online Six Sigma training courses to the employees. You will want to choose one of these options based upon the needs of your team and business.

On-site training courses have several benefits, but can be more costly. Hiring a Six Sigma training team to visit your place of business and train your employees is very effective. Employees that are trained in Six Sigma in this manner should easily be able to earn their own Six Sigma Certification. Hands on training always has a tendency to stick with the employees and many employees can learn the basics of Six Sigma quickly in a hands on environment.

One of the largest benefits to having a certified Six Sigma team train your employees is the access your employees will have to these professionals. Should your employees have any questions concerning anything that they are learning about Six Sigma, they will be able to have these questions answered by the professionals that are close by. However, this can be a downside for the employees that are not learning as quickly, as they may not be comfortable with having to ask so many questions.

Online Six Sigma Training courses have their benefits as well. Online training programs are far more cost effective and they allow each employee to move at their own pace while learning Six Sigma. Their will be no specific times for online classes, so employees can be taught at virtually any time. The biggest downfall of online training courses is that the employees will not have the chance to any trained professionals what questions they may have about the program.

Why Take an Online Six Sigma Course?

Individuals who are managers, engineers, technicians, and quality control statisticians are rapidly enrolling in and successfully completing online Six Sigma courses. Being certified as a 6 Sigma black, green, or yellow belt is of tremendous benefit to someone’s career and also benefits the company for which they work. Online training is faster and more convenient than traditional in-house training and certification, thus making it the popular choice for new trainees.

Attracting Employers

If an employer sees that you have a Six Sigma certification on your resume, along with descriptions of projects you personally worked on that saved a former employer a substantial amount of money, he or she will no doubt be impressed and invite you in for an interview. With this kind of background, you will possibly be capable of obtaining just about any type of job you want, whether it is as a belt holder or someone who can instruct others in a company which knows nothing about Six Sigma.

Team Builder

An online Six Sigma course will also teach you about building and strengthening teams which are generally used to initiate projects meant to contribute to a company’s reputation and resources. The “Six Habits of 6 Sigma Leaders” tackles issues with effective collaboration within a team situation and how this ease of communication can facilitate project process and meeting organization requirements.

For example, one of these six habits asserts that progress is achieved when “cross-functional teams that leverage each other’s knowledge and capabilities” are utilized rather than depending on one team member to be the “super hero”.

Quality Products and Customer Satisfaction

After successfully completing an online Six Sigma course, you will possess knowledge regarding one of the key tenets–by initiating enhancements to work processes and delivery of service, costs are reduced and customer demands are met which also satisfy organizational requirements. These goals are accomplished by “getting to the root cause” of errors in the project process or issues with other external components of a project.

An example of the complexity involved in this type of data analysis can be seen when customer satisfaction questionnaires are passed out to customers and the resulting information is integrated with other data relating to the product (past process, cost, etc.) in a specific type of statistical tool.

As a student of the Six Sigma methodology, you will learn much more about this system of quality control and also add to your qualifications as an expert business employee who is in high demand in the workforce.

Purdue University offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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